Meanest Small Penis Humiliation Ever!

11 September, 2012

If you are a man with a small cock, don’t even try to go out and sex up a girl. Any self respecting girl like me would never sleep with a man with such a tiny little choad. If anything, guys should have their dick sizes on the drivers licenses just like their heights, so girls could “card” them and reject a small penis loser before finding out they have a macaroni dick. No man should ever be allowed into a bar or a club if his dick size is anything under seven inches. That would mean that hot chicks out trolling in clubs or bars could be guaranteed big dicks. Any small dicked man has no right to flirt with any girl if he is packing nothing better than a cocktail shrimp. A small penis loser would be doing nothing but wasting a girl’s time. Time that could be better spent finding and grinding on a man size-worthy of her pussy. If you have a small dick, just go to gay bars where a dickless loser could get action in the men’s room sucking off fehgs. You are nothing but a pathetic small penis loser and a sad excuse for a man if you have a small dick.

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