Meanest Small Penis Humiliation Ever!

15 February, 2016

The only attention that tiny cock losers get from hot girls is negative attention. And negative attention is better than no attention at all. This has been psychologically proven. Tiny cock losers know they aren’t going to get any action from hot girls. If you’re a tiny cock loser, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You crave negative attention in the form of humiliation. And you’re willing to pay for it in a Tiny Cock Humiliation Phone Sex call. Any night I’m on Niteflirt, I get tiny cock losers calling to be humiliated for having anatomy that is shockingly small. So small they could use a pink Fruit Loop as a Fleshlight toy LMFAO!! Rejection and humiliation are powerful emotions that elicit the same brain chemicals as the response to pain. Which is why Phone Sex Humiliation can be do addictive. Tiny Cock Losers can get a little rush from the brain chemicals that their cortex puts out as a buffer to the humiliation experience. And of course, losers reinforce the desirability of humiliation every time they orgasm to it.

Now that you’ve had your neuroscience lesson for this century, call me for the meanest Tiny Cock Humiliation on Niteflirt!

There are enough small penis humiliation nicknames that a girl will never run out of pathetic names to ridicule an underhung male or mock his puny inadequate anatomy. Face it guys. If you don’t have a fuckable or suckable dick, you might as well accept your fate as a beta male or do like Napoleon and overcompensate. But just like Napoleon, you will have your Waterloo! Short dick men will always fuck up. It’s in their genetic nature.

Check this list on or should it be This list was con-cock-ted by a dude. So for him to have written out all of these humorous names, some that I have never even heard of… had me LMAO. Of course I could write a list like this of names I have used to call tiny dick losers or names I have called their tiny loser dicks. I think a lot of girls have their go-to small penis humiliation nicknames. It’s natural to have a few names up your sleeve for those moments when you whip-quick humiliate a little dick. So, if you have a prickle, read this list and weep! If you’re a chick, you’ll get a kick out of this compendium of small dick nicks.

small penis humiliation penis nicknames

You’ve heard men say size doesn’t matter but I can assure you it does! As long as a woman wants sexual pleasure, then yes that requires a big cock. If yours is not, then tough luck. I was just talking about penis size with Miss Anna, she is a Mistress on and she likes to make fun of small cocks on webcam. She has many slaves who love to come to her chat to have their small cocks made fun of. After all, there is nothing else a man with a small cock can do but pay for humiliation online! I also looked on her blog and she has a collection of humiliating pics of small cocks. You want to be one of them? Join her now and follow her on twitter @mistressnylons


Sometimes, I think my eyes are scarred for life from seeing too many small dick pics. To me, small dicks are mutations. And some small dicks may be medical oddities. There is a term called “micro-phallus” to describe a small penis, meaning an ultra small penis. There is no hope for a micro-phallus to get any bigger. No dick pills, no surgery can make a man with a micro-peen grow it to a real man’s cock size. Accept it if you are hung like a light switch and call me for small penis humiliation. It’s the only thrill you will get out of life besides watching porno. Preferably gay porno, because what can you do with a pussy? Nothing! Call me on Nitespurt, I mean Niteflirt and I will make sure you spurt your micro-phallus!

31 March, 2013

This is a true confession from one of my pathetic pinky pecker losers! But he kinda lied in his small dick confession, because he doesn’t stay at home every single fkn night! This underhung penis puppet loser sometimes goes out to strip clubs, so the hot strippers can humiliate him live and in person… like asking the DJ to play “Short Dick Man” while they overcharge him for lap dances! LMAO you loser! Call me on Niteflirt for more brutal Small Penis Humiliation!

My puny worthless small dick is only four inches long when I am fully hard and erect. I am so ashamed to have such a small dick, that I don’t even go out with women who are interested in me, because I could not bear to unbuckle my belt and drop my pants in front of them for them to see how small and inadequate I am.

At this stage, I am so used to rejection and outright ridicule, that humiliation has become my sole refuge. All I do is sit at home and beat off to thoughts of beautiful women like you humiliating me, making fun of me, and laughing at me for being so extremely challenged in the pecker department. And you are so very beautiful. I spend hours each day beating off to your pictures and imagining you mocking my total lack of manhood. I love that you are a size queen. I love that you are a teasing bitch. I love you so very, very much.

11 October, 2012

Are you Asian? Read on small dick loser! OK so this blog post will also have some racial humiliation. If you can’t take it, then click off my website now! Did you ever hear the joke about the Asian Male Porn Star? Punchline: No, you haven’t, because there are no Asian Male Porn Stars! Asian Dicks are small, too small to be in porn, unless the porn is small penis humiliation porn! One of my phone sex fans calls his dicklet Tiny Egg Roll. Yes, he’s Asian, ABC which means American Born Chinese. And on the Chinese Menu is Small Penis Humiliation! Tiny Egg Roll has confessed that his dick is as small as one of those frozen Asian egg roll hors d’oeuvres. And if I didn’t spell that right, fuck it! When I worked as a waitress, we called them horse hoofs! And when we were serving them to snooty custies, we would even say: Ma’am would you like another horse hoof and use a French accent. They totally thought we were saying it correctly, dumbasses. Anyway, back to my phone sex caller, he likes to do the “two finger slide” on his egg roll till it shoots Cream of Sum Yung Gai (cream of some young guy for you dumbass small dick blog readers). I make him lick it up! For extra humiliation cuz his dick is too small and deserves SPH!!

11 September, 2012

If you are a man with a small cock, don’t even try to go out and sex up a girl. Any self respecting girl like me would never sleep with a man with such a tiny little choad. If anything, guys should have their dick sizes on the drivers licenses just like their heights, so girls could “card” them and reject a small penis loser before finding out they have a macaroni dick. No man should ever be allowed into a bar or a club if his dick size is anything under seven inches. That would mean that hot chicks out trolling in clubs or bars could be guaranteed big dicks. Any small dicked man has no right to flirt with any girl if he is packing nothing better than a cocktail shrimp. A small penis loser would be doing nothing but wasting a girl’s time. Time that could be better spent finding and grinding on a man size-worthy of her pussy. If you have a small dick, just go to gay bars where a dickless loser could get action in the men’s room sucking off fehgs. You are nothing but a pathetic small penis loser and a sad excuse for a man if you have a small dick.

So you think you can please me? A Cock Mock Princess who deserves nothing but large cocks? You are sooo wrong if you think you can please me with that tiny excuse for a penis. Your pathetic little worm you can do nothing to please any kind of woman even if she was the last set of tits & pussy left on this planet. Every time you look in the mirror, all you see is your sad little shrunken phallus. Whenever you have dared to reveal your little cockette to any chick, I’m sure she did nothing but sit there and laff at what you have between your legs, a finger puppet! No girl in her right mind would want to get in bed with a man who can fuck a cheerio, even a hooker! I can just imagine you right now, sitting bare ass naked at your computer trying your best to get yourself off to one of those hot tiny cock humiliation videos. You. Fail. Maybe if you work on it & rub it really hard, a minor miracle may happen & you’ll dribble a few sad wittle drops of winky pudding. Ewww please lick up the goo.

Look at your stupid, pathetic ass sitting in front of your computer probably attempting to fap that french fry. What in the hell makes you think that you would ever be able to please a hottie like me with that fruit-loop fucker dick? Your puny excuse for manhood is so small, you could probably fuck a spaghetti-o couldn’t you? Have you tried dick pills, penis extenders and jelqing? Don’t lie. Did you think that pulling on your pinky-sized little stiffy will make it get bigger…not! That’s right pussyboy, you’re stuck with that pathetic pinprick. Just wait until you call me…I’ve got the most brutal & humiliating ways of handling little pitiful failures such as yourself. My evil & destructive mind will have you in shame & shambles. So, take out that little clitdick with tweezers & pick up that phone for the most degrading humiliation of your entire useless life or watch one of those small penis humiliation videos. I put a stubby dicktard in his place. You won’t even have any identity left after I’m done with you, you feeble minded little fapper. Plus you’re such a limp-dicked loser, you’ll be begging me for more punishment & degradation or watching even more POV small penis humiliation videos!

3 September, 2012

If you even found my website, I know your tiny little secret! You’re a small dick loser & not even worthy of a finger snap of my time unless you pay me to deliver the meanest verbal abuse ever thimble dick! I hate your eency weency peency. I don’t care if it’s in your genes, in your jeans & that’s what you were born with. Fuck you! I hate losers like you who look at my perfection and put me into your spank bank or even worse, pretend you are texting someone & take secret cell phone pics or vids of me to jack to later! Fuck your cell phone fucker! You should pay for my pics, not shoot secret pics of me pretending to be texting. I hate your cell phone fap collection! You don’t ever deserve to fantasize about fucking a pussy with your peenis weenis. Now be a good little looozer & pay for my Small Penis Humiliation Niteflirt pay to view. What’s in my Niteflirt Small Penis Humiliation PTV? My SPH PTV features 10 humiliating things you can do with your u-peel shrimp dick. Yeah, so I can laffy knowing you are pulling on your lil dick taffy. What are you waiting for fricky fucktard? Click now!

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